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Setting up a specialised Centre was necessitated by a growing demand for in-depth professional analysis and consultation support for making investment and strategic decisions. This demand came from the business - the largest producing companies and energy consumers.

The importance of reliable information and in depth analytical work cannot be overestimated given high capital intensity of business decisions in the energy sphere. The Centre for International Energy Market Studies considers offering an integrated well-founded view of global and Russian energy sector development its primary aim. The Centre is an independent scientific research organization and strictly follows the principles of impartiality and freedom of judgement.

Research on the development of energy markets is the main focus of the Centre’s activity. This includes the issues of current and projected state of energy resources production transportation, demand, pricing, development of energy policy in various countries and regional units and the issues of market regulation and restructuring.

The Centre is headed by Tatyana Mitrova –an expert who is well known in the Russian and the international community. She is the co-author of the Foreign Energy Policy section of the “Energy Strategy of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2030”, a member of the Russian Council on Foreign and Defence Policy, a member of the Energy Security Group (Steering Committee for the G8 Summit in St. Petersburg), an author of over 60 publications and a co-author of five monographs.

The team at the Centre for International Energy Market Studies has highly qualified economists and analysts, who have been studying various areas of the global and Russian energy sectors for over a decade. These include gas, oil and coal industries, nuclear power and the power sector, as well as alternative energy sources and the issues of state regulation and energy policy.

The Centre is part of the international professional and expert community and actively cooperates with top Russian and foreign energy companies, specialised Ministries and authorities, scientific and consulting organizations. The Centre offers a wide range of services – from standard information and analytical products on the key events in the Russian and global fuel and energy sectors to research and consulting products which are unique both in scale and complexity.

The Centre combines an academic approach to content, inherent in fundamental science, with a practical focus of its research and a dynamic working style.