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Future Development of LNG in Russia


Future Development of LNG in Russia

Volume: over 130 pages

Language: Russian, English

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Release: May 2011

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LNG supply to the global gas market is currently one of the key factors of its development. The global LNG deliveries grew by 77%, reaching 242 billion cubic metres in the period from 2000 to 2009. This comprises around 27% of the total volume of global gas trade. Producers from the Persian Gulf, Africa, South-East Asia and other gas producing regions are increasing the attention to the development of LNG production projects.

Russia, the traditional leader of world gas production, has also joined this process. In 2009 an LNG plant was commissioned on Sakhalin. The bulk of deliveries were made to North-East Asia under long-term contracts. However, some spot deals also took place. At the same time Russian companies have declared the intention to implement of several large projects in this decade. New developments would help Russia to increase its share in this segment of the gas business.

The purpose of the study on Future Development of LNG in Russia is to offer clients a comprehensive view on the development of Russian LNG projects based on objective information and analysis and outlook on their implementation.

The study provides answers to the following questions:

  • What is the current pace of the implementation of new Russian LNG projects with the view to 2030?
  • What is the economic effectiveness of Russian LNG supplies to various markets?
  • What is the role of LNG business development in the Russian companies’ strategies?
  • What kind of support does the Russian government provide for LNG projects?
  • What technical and technological solutions are being offered or could be considered for to complete new projects?
  • Which new LNG projects in Russia could be themost advantageous for the foreign investors to join?

The research study Future Development of LNG in Russia is an essential analytical support tool for gas companies dealing with LNG production, companies currently buying Russian LNG and potential buyers, contractors and equipment manufacturers, investment companies and banks.



1. The evaluation of background of LNG projects development in Russia

2. Review of LNG projects in Russia

2.1. Existing projects

2.1.1. Sakhalin-2 LNG

2.2. Postponed projects

2.2.1. Baltic LNG

2.2.2. Kharasavey LNG

2.2.3. Timan-Pechora LNG

2.3. Planned and proposed projects

2.3.1. Shtokman LNG

2.3.2. Yamal LNG

2.3.3. Vladivostok LNG.

2.3.4. Other potential opportunities for LNG development in Russia

3. Participation of Russian companies in LNG projects abroad: reality and outlook

4. Conclusions on the future development of LNG business in Russia

Each project’s profile is structured to the following pattern:

  • history of development
  • gas reserves
  • technical solutions
  • competitive advantages
  • marketing
  • risks
  • status
  • projects economics
  • SWOT analysis
  • conclusions about the future of project.

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